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The (vegan) Caterer is the Northwest’s premier vegan catering company for all of life’s special occasions. Each event menus is custom created with dishes from our recipe book as well as requests made to suit the needs of each event’s unique characteristics.

It is the goal of The (vegan) Caterer to provide its clients with the best quality product by supporting local businesses and farmers whenever possible and similarly, commit to sustainable and environmentally responsible practices throughout the course of everyday business.

The (vegan) Caterer is owned by Josh Raymond. Native of New Jersey, Josh relocated to Portland, Oregon in 2008. The appeal of Portland includes the endless options for outdoor adventures, cycling, and diverse eating options, as well as the opportunity to contribute to a large community of like-minded individuals. The creation of The (vegan) Caterer is his way of sharing two things he is passionate about, GOOD FOOD and ANIMAL RIGHTS.

In 1997 Josh was introduced to vegetarianism and animal rights by two close friends. Educating himself about animal suffering and the truths about factory farming his life was changed forever. It was at that time he rid his life of all animal products and dedicated himself to a compassionate lifestyle.

It is with quality, passion, and conviction that The (vegan) Caterer creates the meals reminiscent of those we enjoyed growing up. The love of cooking was handed down by his father; this early influence is one of the driving forces behind the style and flavor that the menus boast. Through much practice Josh has mastered taking traditional meals and transforming them into the delicious vegan favorites we crave today.

The (vegan) Caterer is commited to the highest of standards and looks forward to the dynamics each event creates. These are the key characteristics which will, no doubt, change some minds.