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Your wedding day is a very important milestone and much of the buzz begins with the food. We have created some basic packages to get your ideas flowing. Browse the details below and click the buttons for package details. 
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$30 Package: A basic package that includes your selection of 5 dishes from our menu. This is a great budget friendly option.
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$35 Package: A simple grouping of 6 dishes from our wide array of cuisines, still budget friendly, but with a few more options.
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$40 Package: Your selection of up to 7 of our menu items for you and your guests to enjoy.
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Cocktail Hour: With as few as 3 dishes we will add a separate cocktail or tea hour buffet to your package menu.
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Cheese Tables: A selection of handmade artisan cheese.
Custom Package: Each fully custom menu starts with a 5 dish minimum, and can include an array of our menu items mixed with requests for custom dishes. We can mix up interpretations of classics, or recreate family recipes. With this option you will truly have the wedding menu you always envisioned.
Beverage Service: We are pleased to offer the addition of hot coffee and tea for $3.00 per guest. Also available are 2 cold beverages, which could include iced tea, lemonade, or punch starting at $3 per guest.